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“Only great pain, the long, slow pain that takes its time… compels us to descend to our ultimate depths… I doubt that such pain makes us “better”; but I know it makes us more profound… In the end, lest what is most important remain unsaid: from such abysses, from such severe sickness, one returns newborn, having shed one’s skin… with merrier senses, with a second dangerous innocence in joy, more childlike and yet a hundred times subtler than one has ever been before.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

“The pleasures arising from thinking and learning will make us think and learn all the more.” — Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

“I am not nothing in the sense of emptiness, but am the creative nothing, the nothing out of which I myself create everything as creator. Away, then, with every cause that is not completely my affair. You think that at least the “good cause” must be my affair? Which good, which bad? I am myself my own affair, and I am neither good nor bad. Neither makes any sense to me. The divine is God’s affair; the human cause is “humanity’s.” My affair is neither the divine nor the human; it is not the good, the true, the just, the free, etc., but only my own, and it is not general, but is—unique, as I am unique.

For me, there is nothing greater than me!” — Max Stirner, The Unique and Its Property

“My reason, long humiliated, is gradually rising to a level with the infinite; with time it will discover all that its inexperience hides from it; with time I shall be less and less a worker of misfortune, and by the light that I shall have acquired, by the perfection of my liberty, I shall purify myself, idealize my being, and become the chief of creation, the equal of God.” — Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, System of Economic Contradictions

About Me

I am Alexis Purslane. In order to understand my writings, you must understand who I am, because each of us writes, thinks and “knows” only ultimately from our own perspectives. Therefore, here’s a little about myself:

I am a transgender lesbian woman who practices relationship anarchy and is in a polyamorous hinge relationship with two other women.

I also identify as queer, in the sense that I reject the rehabilitation and reconciliation of queer (non-cishetallo, neurodiverse, plural, etc) identities with traditional culture and capital.

I am an existentialist atheist, influenced by Sartre especially, although I appreciate classical literary Satanism (in the tradition of Byron, Shelley, Proudhon, and Godwin) and am extremely interested in Daoism and utilize many of its concepts. Concerning epistemology, I am primarily interested in pragmatism and perspectivism.

I am what might otherwise be called a “synthesis anarchist” or an anarchist without adjectives, although I find adjectives useful for communication and so do not take a pious stance against them. As an anarchist, my influences come from the individualist anarchists like Tucker and Spooner, egoist anarchism as originated by Max Stirner and carried forward by Novatore, the modern Neo-Proudhonian anarchists such as Shawn P. Wilbur, and the modern mutualist anarchist milieu including Roderick Long and especially Kevin Carson. I am also deeply influenced by Nietzsche, and often adapt his writings to anarchist ends. Of these, Stirner, Nietzsche, Novatore, and Carson stand above the rest.

I am queer because I have no interest in letting the strictures of culture or even ‘polite society’ contain me. I will live as I please, embracing the churning, fecund nothingness at the center of my being. I am a woman.

I am an atheist because gods are the most unnecessary and dismal of all hypotheses to me. No god is necessary to explain my experiences, nor to grant me meaning or purpose, and I am not interested in having one over me.

I am an anarchist because I recognize no power over me, neither god nor man nor idea nor moral, and because I recognize that my liberty is only secured in a world where all inequalities of power have been dismantled, where each has all their power at their command, and because I don’t want to have to live in a world where other people suffer and bow and live half-lives subjugated to things above themselves either.

About This Blog

This blog is mostly about social and political philosophy, especially anarchism, and queer philosophy (gender theory), but I also cover issues of religion and epistemology on occasion — more often in the past, less often now.

Prior to May 11th, 2022, this blog was mostly a place for me to write out my wild, disorganized, incomplete, thoughts, mostly contained in either too-long or too-short articles, with a few exceptions. I wouldn’t recommend reading most of that, most especially since in many ways my views have changed significantly since. The only exception would be my list of sources on trans issues and my essay on individualist anarchism.

Now, it is a place for me to refine my ideas after having given them long thought and having some reading in the relevant literature. I no longer write until I am certain I’ve thought something through at a proper level of nuance, and when I do I spend time with it, editing and refining it. Moreover, I now partially write for an audience — I want to express the concepts I talk about in a way that is both complete, nuanced, and erudite, and also accessible and seductive, my hope being that I can bring advanced tools to the hands of my comrades, and convince those who are interested or sympathetic to my standpoint.